Yoga for Pregnancy

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.58.23 AMThe practice of Yoga is one that provides an expecting mother with stability on many levels, as well as giving her the ability to go with the flow of life as it unfolds from within and around her. It serves as a way for a woman to connect with her ever-changing body, and to trust in her own ability to create the support her body needs, as well as to trust in the process of life. A mother-to-be learns to connect with her own inherent wisdom, developing skills that aide her throughout her pregnancy, as well as in her journey of motherhood.

Because a woman undergoes so many changes throughout pregnancy, having a practice that gives her the tools she needs to stabilize her body, most specifically her SI-joints, is helpful. The SI joint, or sacro-iliac joint, connects the sacrum to the ilium on each side of the pelvis, and both are put under a lot of pressure during pregnancy, especially if a woman has already given birth before. Learning to support the SI joints in a way that keeps them stable while still opening and stretching muscles in the hips and legs is empowering and effective. It allows a woman to feel secure in her pelvic girdle, opening the downward flowing energy, called apana vayu, in yoga. This in turn creates space for the prana vayu (upward flowing energy) to open, allowing her breath to move more freely, as well as giving space to her organs, which get more compressed the further along her pregnancy is. An expecting mother learns to create the necessary actions in her body that allow her to be comfortable no matter which stage she is in during her pregnancy.

Mothers tend to give so much of themselves to their children, especially in the first few years of motherhood. Establishing a practice that feeds Mom on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, energetic – creates a good pattern that she can carry into her journey of mothering. When a woman learns to give herself the nourishing time she needs, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes a day, she can create an inner connection that she carries with her throughout her day. She learns to trust in the process of life that’s constantly presenting itself in interesting, and perhaps eventful circumstances, while staying anchored in an abiding sense of calm – that’s the idea, anyway! And the practice of yoga is certainly called “practice” for a reason. It gives Mom the opportunity to connect deeply with herself and her own spaciousness, perhaps bringing this forth throughout her day-to-day life, no matter how chaotic or ungrounding things might be. And this, as any mom knows, is valuable.

Lila is a Yoga Therapist and Teacher Trainer with over 12 years teaching experience. She is available for privates and can be contacted at  Check out Lila’s Website here.

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