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Massage therapy is an effective and natural choice for managing injury and providing relaxation, while moving the body toward wellness.

Therapeutically, massage has been found to positively affect circulation and psychological well being while reducing tensions in the body. It can noticeably reduce the effects of stress, realign joints and muscles and improve recovery time after physical activity.

Massage therapy is also successful in resolving many chronic conditions, such as headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, neck injuries and more. Please feel free to contact us about your specific concern.

Heath care practitioners suggest massage therapy is beneficial for everyone, including the elderly, infantspregnant women and post-operative patients. We are seeing more men in our practice requesting massages not only for relaxation and stress management, but also for injury repair and preventative measures.

Our Massage Therapy Philosophy

We believe in treating the whole person and taking a fresh approach with every body. When you arrive at the studio, your therapist will perform an assessment that will guide the type of treatment. We will treat what’s presenting through a combination of therapeutic massage and relaxation massage.

We will also provide therapeutic exercise and postural corrections after the massage when necessary to help you maintain your body’s natural form and alignment. Our Vancouver massage therapists are professionally trained in various hands-on techniques.

Contact us to book your Vancouver massage therapy appointment. Please note, we do not offer directing billing for extended health benefits.

A combination of therapeutic massage and relaxation massage is used to treat your body’s specific issues.

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