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Over the years Soma Studio has become a well-known massage clinic in Vancouver for pregnancy massage, with thanks to our gifted group of prenatal therapists and our special pillowing system. However, we provide therapeutic massage services in a wide range of techniques for both women and men—and even babies!

Our Vancouver RMTs (registered massage therapists) are carefully selected not only for their massage skills, but also for their specialized expertise and client focus. As a result, we are able to offer you a variety of massage therapies and services focused on your needs. All of the RMTs in our massage clinics are registered with the Government of BC and are able to provide you with a receipt for extended health plan reimbursement.

Soma Studios has now added Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture therapy to both of our Vancouver locations. We believe that these practices go hand in hand with massage therapy and offer a great balance to those seeking alternative wellness. Our skillful and talented practitioners use their knowledge to address each individual’s unique health challenges in a way that supports their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Soma Studios has also added craniosacral therapy and reiki to our West location in Kitsilano. These therapies are complementary to massage therapy, working on the nervous system (CST) and energetic systems (reiki).

Soma Studios newest location has opened on Salt Spring Island. The island studio offers massage therapy, yoga therapy as well as retreats and workshops.

Soma Studio was founded in 2000 and is owned and managed by Lori Johnson, a RMT and yoga teacher. Lori’s vision for Soma has always been:
“…one of those places where one feels instantly comfortable, with warm-hearted and gifted, qualified therapists providing all of our clients with professional service and good advice on their health care needs.”

Meet our amazing team
Lori Johnson – Soma Studios Owner – RMT 25 years experience.

Three Locations: Vancouver East, Vancouver West & Salt Spring Island

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