Thoughts on a Myofascial Release Course by Lori

photo 1I am freshly back from Mexico and want to share with you what I did there.  The first week was all play, relaxing in the sun, eating too many fish tacos, a little tequila and generally having a great time with the beautiful friends who joined me.  The second week I took a continuing education course presented by an RMT and teacher who I respect very much. In BC, RMT’s must upgrade by attending 24 hours of instruction in the form of a certified course each year.  So off to Mexico I went to learn and play.

The course was called “An Integrated Fascial Course for the Lumbosacral and Pelvic Region” which means we learned different techniques to mobilize and free up the structures of the low back, hips and pelvis.  Even though I have been practicing Massage for many years, I felt like a beginner.  We started with postural scans and other assessment techniques in order to pin point where to begin helping the client get more aligned.  The hands on techniques were so effective that they helped get a release in a short time.  It is going to be a challenge to incorporate some of what I learned as it is very new way for me to work.  No oil is used in fascial work and the client is wearing shorts and sports bra so the posture can be reassessed.  I am excited about this approach and hope you will be willing to let me practice as it really does address underlying alignment problems. Soma therapists, Meg Campion and Cheyne Cameron also attended the course and will be able to perform this technique.

It was refreshing to be inspired in a field of work that I have been in for 25 years and being in Mexico was a big part of that, I am sure.


Post by Lori Johnson, RMT, owner of Soma Studio


  1. That sounds so exciting, Lori! It sounds like a treatment I might like after my accident – just to see if everything is aligned as it should be.
    It is so fun to learn new things!

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