• Congratulations Erin!

    Here is a message from Erin, Soma RMT about her birth experience….


    IMG_3215Dear All,

    Alex and I are very happy to share that Beatrix Zenovia was born in water at home on November 6th.  She was gently eased into the world by her mama’s loving hands and came up to the surface smiling with bright, wide, awake eyes! Absolutely incredible! She weighed 8lbs 4 oz.
    Wow! Without a doubt this was the most amazingly intense, challenging and love-filled experience I’ve ever had.  We have been getting to know each other the last 4 weeks, and she is a healthy eater and sleeper; making my recovery very smooth.  She has a sweet and relaxed temperament, except of course when she needs something – then she lets her voice soar for sure.  Yet, it is never inconsolable; usually a snuggle, milk or diaper change is what’s needed.


    We are totally in love.

    Here are a couple of photos of our little Honey Bee.

    We look forward to you meeting her!


    Love Erin, Alex and Beatrix

    honey bIMG_3302