Ride to Conquer Cancer: A Big Thank You From Lori Johnson

photo (2)“I want to thank everyone for donating to my Ride To Conquer Cancer.  You made the fundraising easy and I am so grateful. The weekend was amazing! It was the first time in 5 years that the sun was shining…Not a drop of rain.

We all gathered at the Fraser Downs Race Track at the ungodly hour of 6am on Saturday morning. Thank goodness they had coffee! We dropped off our luggage and sleeping bags in huge trucks that were then transported to our camping spot in Mt Vernon. We then lined up with thousands of other cyclists to listen to the inspiring speakers who opened the event.  In total we raised $10.4 million in research funds to better understand how we can end this terrible disease.  Many people were riding in honour of a person they had lost to cancer with their loved one’s photo pinned to their back.  The fact that we have all been affected by this disease united us all and made this a very real experience for me.

After 120km of cycling we were at camp! We parked our bikes in a huge barn, found our tents and luggage, had a warm shower and then a well deserved beer.  Dinner was amazing but at that point any food would have satisfied me.  The band was really good and we danced….until 9pm when my legs stopped working for me and I went to bed.photo

The next day, with sore butts, suntanned faces and high spirits, we set out again.  It was amazing to me how 3000 people and their bikes could all get

on the road without too much chaos. We had another day of beautiful trails, a few more hills and conversation with great people.

I crossed the finish line with gratitude in my heart for my health, my

friends, my family and my life. I recommend doing this ride to further the cause. It was a great challenge and a great experience.”

Lori Johnson, Soma RMT

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