Now THAT'S a testimonial!

Shelley Dube was in a few weeks back and wrote a wonderful recommendation for Soma in Parents on The Drive. We just had to share it. Thanks, Shelley! Client recommendations and referrals are vital to Soma’s success! We appreciate all client referrals.


Hi POTD’ers,

I wanted to send out a message in case some of you hadn’t heard of the wonders that is SOMA Studio Registered Massage Therapy. Though they specialize in pregnancy massage, they also do standard massage therapy, baby massage and yoga therapy. I first went to SOMA in late 2006 when I was heavily pregnant with my son and I fell in LOVE with the space and their practice. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started going monthly from 3 mos onwards and it was heavenly. They have a total set up for preggy mamas with the belly bed and they really, really know their stuff. I LOVE getting massages and I’ve had loads and SOMA is truly the nicest studio I’ve ever been to. It’s exceptionally clean (which I value b/c nothing worse than going somewhere where you need to disrobe and it’s grungy and grotty), well run and the therapists are skilled and lovely. I had been seeing one RMT in particular but she’s on her mat leave now so I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a number of different therapists there (hurt my back gardening – got to love old age) and they’ve all been fabulous. As they’re RMTs, if you have extended medical, it’ll be covered to whatever % your coverage goes for massage and they give you an official receipt at each appt. It’s $100 for a 60 min massage.

The BEST news as an East Van mama is that SOMA is opening a studio East Side in July!!!! Woo! They’re currently based West Side and I’ve hoofed over to Granville and 6th for years b/c they’re worth the trip; however, I’m thrilled they’re opening up over here! Their new location will be at 1340 Nanaimo Street (at Charles) and when I spoke with the owner on Friday after my massage there, she said they’re already taking bookings for the East Side location. You can call 604-738-1502 to make an appt at either location (be sure to specify) and they also have an online booking system which is really handy but isn’t up and running for the East Side yet. I cannot recommend SOMA enough if you’re looking for seriously awesome massage therapy.

Just thought I’d share b/c they’re so worth checking out and it’s so fab they’re coming to the hood.

(mama to Ben, 5Y and Olivia, 2Y)

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