• Lessons from the Road by Cheyne, RMT

    photo 3 (1)¡Buenas dias a todas los personas!

    We’re almost back from our travels; we’ve seen so many places, met so many amazing people! Traveling is such a gift. Being able to work, supporting my partner Lila’s yoga workshops while on the road, has made it such an amazing journey.

    We’ve been to the Interior, the Prairies, east coast United States, Hawaii, but mostly Central America, in the past seven months. We’ve taught workshops, yoga teacher trainings, took a two week permaculture course, lived with handfuls of Central American families, and traveled with some of our best friends to some truly amazing places.

    From the deep wet jungle to the oppressively hot coastlines, what resonates most deeply for me after reflecting on the past seven months, and often what we all come back with after traveling, is memories of the people we’ve shared our lives with. It seems there’s a wisdom that comes with developing new routines. Playing soccer with the children in the dirt, howler monkeys in the trees, hand washing clothes, speaking a different language, listening to their stories… It seems we travel in search of something. Something beyond our lives back home; an inherent sense of humanity that crosses culture, language, ethnicity, even belief.

    To be honest, the majority of people traveling for a few weeks from the west are there to drink. Some stay, and develop ways of bringing their Western luxuries and lifestyle to, quite frankly, these impoverished areas that are economically forced to serve them. Some people are searching for something better when they travel, more so when they move there, studiously avoiding whatever is left in their wake. Chasing happiness as a set of preferences that seems fundamentally unattainable. Others come with a beautiful sense of exploration, some with an inner churning, some come with a burning desire to help the world. Or maybe a mix of all of them. But that’s an essay for another time. Traveling deeper into Nicaragua, past the areas with these socioeconomic challenges, there’s a different vibe. Bustling sidewalks, kids playing in the dirt roads, hungry dogs looking for scraps, and the stare of unfamiliarity from the locals as they assume you’re not Catholic. Nicaragua. It’s in these places, and deeper into the jungle, that we came across new friends, some we eventually traveled with, and communities we visited that left permanent impressions on us. There are some amazing things happening everywhere, and many people to be inspired by. Sometimes you just have to look with the right focus.

    After being on the road for what feels like a very long time, I’m sitting with some reflections before I head back to BC. Part of our intention on this journey was to gain knowledge and inspiration for some projects we have when we return home. For that part, we were overwhelmingly successful. Being able to share with yoga teachers the deeper physiology behind their craft and work has been super fun. But in the feeling of connection to people we’ve parted ways with, and others we can’t wait to see again, I’m left with something that’s quite hard to articulate. Being in developing parts of the world, working through times when we were seriously ill, broke, and seeking refuge at a Red Cross with dirt floors and questionable medication, comes with it some obvious perspective. I now care a lot less if there’s a coffee stain on my shirt or if the line is too long for my liking at the market. What comes to mind for me is that inherent sense of life and vitality in everyone, everywhere: the humble nature that pours out of the women in Nicaragua, despite the general lack of rights they’re subjected to. They’re not chasing a dream, they’re happy with what they have and the food and love they provide.

    That proud vitality, and vibrant sense of life and happiness that we all know comes from something other than what’s material, is what makes me so excited to be home, to my family and friends. Doing the work I love to do, living in the city and country I love. We describe it as the mountains, fresh air, cherry blossoms… summer in Vancouver. But it’s the essence of what’s behind all of those things. It’s the virtuous life, and the communities we build that sustain us.

    With grace and gratitude,

    Cheyne Cameron, RMT

    Cheyne will be returning to Soma at the beginning of April! Go online to book with him.




  • EVENT: Normalizing Birth: Is the way we do birth bankrupting future generations?

    Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.16.33 PMThis looks like a great event! Details below if you would like to check it out.

    “What has always fascinated me is the sense that the process of childbirth is far more than just getting a baby out. It is something that links us back through all our ancestors, and into the future, and we are all (mother, father, baby) irrevocably marked by it. It is also one of the few experiences left in society which, when undertaken physiologically, is ultimately unpredictable and uncontrollable and, as a consequence, deeply emotional. It takes all those who experience it authentically to the very edge of their capacity to cope, and it says to them, you can do this – and if you can do this, you can do anything. Getting it right is therefore profoundly important for the wellbeing of families, and for future generations. While I have always believed this intuitively, recent exciting evidence from epigenetics seems to suggest that there is biological evidence for the impact of labour and birth on way genes might be expressed for the child, and for their adulthood, and then their own children in the future. So, for all these reasons, the normal birth agenda is really important to me.” – Dr. Soo Downe


    Tuesday, March 10, 2015

    CFRI Chan Auditorium, BC Women’s Hospital

    4500 Oak Street, Vancouver


    6pm       Doors open and reception

    7pm       Lecture


    Please RSVP to Karen Gelb at karen.gelb@midwifery.ubc.ca or 604-822-7998.


    Hope to see you there!



  • Congratulations Erin!

    Here is a message from Erin, Soma RMT about her birth experience….


    IMG_3215Dear All,

    Alex and I are very happy to share that Beatrix Zenovia was born in water at home on November 6th.  She was gently eased into the world by her mama’s loving hands and came up to the surface smiling with bright, wide, awake eyes! Absolutely incredible! She weighed 8lbs 4 oz.
    Wow! Without a doubt this was the most amazingly intense, challenging and love-filled experience I’ve ever had.  We have been getting to know each other the last 4 weeks, and she is a healthy eater and sleeper; making my recovery very smooth.  She has a sweet and relaxed temperament, except of course when she needs something – then she lets her voice soar for sure.  Yet, it is never inconsolable; usually a snuggle, milk or diaper change is what’s needed.


    We are totally in love.

    Here are a couple of photos of our little Honey Bee.

    We look forward to you meeting her!


    Love Erin, Alex and Beatrix

    honey bIMG_3302


  • Infant Massage Workshop with Kaely Brittliffe, RMT

    Picture 14Soma RMT Kaely will be teaching an infant massage workshop starting on Nov 26th! Here are some of the benefits of infant massage:

    • Promotes bonding and attachment between you and your baby
    • Promotes relaxation and decreases stress in you and your baby
    • Relieves discomfort from constipation, gas and colic
    • Promotes better sleep for baby (and maybe you too!)
    • Stimulates brain development and sensory awareness for baby
    • Babies cry less, as the parent is more responsive to babies’ cues

    Three Tuesday afternoon sessions: 11:30-12:30
    November 26th, December 3rd  and 10th
    Location: Acumamas in Olympic Village  #301 West 2nd Avenue (2nd and Crowe street),Vancouver BC V5Y 1C9

    For babies three weeks to pre-crawling and their primary caregivers
    Cost $105, RMT receipt for $35 issued in baby’s name at each class

    Registration required contact Kaely at 604 889 9971 or kaelyrmt@gmail.com

  • New Soma Contest!


    Hi Everyone!

    Do you want to win a 60 min massage at Soma? Yes, I think you do… here’s how!



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    Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • "It's In You To Give"


    One day my husband and I were out and about in this beautiful city and we passed the Oak Street Blood Services Clinic.  He said, “hey, we should go give blood sometime”.  Well, I can think of a whole lot of other activities to do on date night than give blood. But nonetheless, we went in.  I was reminded how very important blood products are in saving lives.

    The staff and nurses are very friendly, professional and skilled. They put me at ease immediately.  It was really easy and did not hurt as much as I thought!  As the blood was collecting, I couldn’t help but think that I have seen too many episodes of True Blood.   That is sad really, that I associate blood with a TV show.  Blood products are necessary in cancer treatments, trauma situations and surgeries.

    Who can donate?

    The nurses will do a full screening to see if you are healthy enough to give blood but here are a few basic requirements:

    • must be over 17 years old and weighing more than 110 pounds
    • in general good health
    • have a good meal the night before (yah! I get to eat pasta) and a good breakfast day of.
    • no exercise day of
    • adequate sleep

    I hope I have inspired you to at least consider donating!

    The blood bank is low and remember “It’s in you to give.”

    Find out more by checking out the Canadian Blood Services website www.blood.ca

  • Refreshing Homemade Cucumber Aloe Face Mist

    This face & body mist brings is amazingly refreshing on a hot summer day – and it has major benefits for your skin. The rose water helps reduce any redness and swelling of the skin, while also acting as an astringent. The cucumber soothes and softens your skin, and also provides a cooling effect. The lemon acts as a natural exfoliator, leaving your skin smooth and soft. The aloe soothes your skin, promotes blood circulation, and improves your skin’s elasticity. Here’s how to make this refreshing cucumber aloe mist.

    What you need:
    1 cucumber
    1 squeeze of lemon
    1 teaspoon aloe vera gel (can be purchased at your local health food store)
    1 tablespoon rosewater (can be purchased at your local health food store)Homemade-cucumber-aloe-face-mist

    You’ll also need a blender, a cheese cloth, a small bowl, and a spray bottle to store your mixture.

    What you do:
    Peel your cucumber and cut it up into little pieces. Place the pieces in a blender and blend on high for about 1 minute.

    Cover a small bowl with a cheese cloth and strain the juice into the bowl.

    Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl and mix.

    Transfer your mixture into a spray bottle and mist away! You can add some distilled water if you want to dilute the mixture a bit. Store this in your fridge so that it doesn’t spoil. It should last about a week.

  • Ride to Conquer Cancer: A message from Susan Macrae

    1016160_10200593003401576_1075234508_n“The Ride to Conquer Cancer was the most amazing experience, riding with the other 2400 participants.
    So many riders with a common goal was so inspiring, having supporters along the route cheering and urging us forward made the ride easier than I had thought.
    We had pit stops along the route where there was always food to refuel and drinks to replenish.   Camp life was fun for the night.
    Second day in the saddle was easier than expected really enjoying all the moments, unfortunately mid morning a fatal accident occurred, we filed past and were determined to carry on with the day with the young man in our thoughts.
    The rest of the day was a blur and we finished as team celebrating our achievements.
    During the ride I passed and was passed by riders with names on bikes or photos on jerseys.
    I had many moments to think about the people that I love, that made my heart rich.  My heart is full.
    Ride to Conquer Cancer 2014 is more than a strong possibility…”
    Susan Macrae, Soma Studio RMT