Well hello, sunny September!

This month, I decided to save a little money by foregoing the bus pass, and walking (or running) to work. The 99 B-Line commute had been getting me down, and since I just started work at the new East side studio, this seemed like a great way to get to know the neighbourhood. I certainly picked the right month! September mornings have been fabulous-sunny and crisp, and the afternoon trip home has allowed me to work on my fall tan. It’s 5 kilometers each way, which leaves me feeling invigorated and clear- headed, though I have to leave a little earlier in the morning than I used to. It’s worth it! And I’m not the only one, Lori has been cycling, and Diane walks to work as well.

The Hastings Sunrise area is really lovely: quiet, tree-lined streets, ethnically diverse, and filled with local parks. Every Saturday morning I pass a Tai Chi class at Beaconsfield park, and on the weekdays, two solemn student crossing guards escort me across Grandview. The Italian grocer on our block has fabulous espresso, and has been family-owned since 1964. Yesterday I noticed a Latino bakery only a block away; you can bet I’ll pay them a visit soon. Yum!

So, all things considered, the decision to take a break from the bus has been win-win: healthy body, peaceful mind, and a great way to see the neighbourhood. Have you considered making a change to your morning commute? You may be happy you did!

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