The Importance of Touch

Infant Massage

As a Massage Therapist at Soma Studio, I have good days and bad days like everyone.  Sometimes I am completely enveloped into the experience of giving a treatment and sometimes I find that my mind is wandering, thinking about what  I would like for dinner, whose yoga class I will attend or the new dance moves that I am trying desperately to learn.   Often in these moments, I catch myself and remember that even if I don’t know what exactly is causing my client’s pain, or what tissues are inflamed, I am giving them much needed touch.  I put all my energy into my hands and send it to them.  Surprisingly (or not), they feel much better after.  I have been teaching baby massage for 25 years for this very reason, people, especially babies, need touch in order to thrive.

Touch is so important especially now that our world has become so automated and sometimes impersonal.  We are so busy that we forget to connect with each other, touch a shoulder or shake hands.  I have always loved the tradition of 3 kisses, cheek to cheek, even when greeting someone new.  This ritual is so disarming, somehow reminding us that we are all human.

I came across this article that I hope you will read as it lays out in simple language how important touch is now more than ever.  It is something we all can do to make the world a little less lonely, more welcoming and quite frankly, more human.

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Post by Lori Johnson, RMT

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