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  • Early Pregnancy Workshop

    Newly pregnant? While this can be an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming. With so much information available and so many decisions to make, many people find that waiting to take a full prenatal class (later in pregnancy) is too long to wait.

    The goal of the Early Pregnancy Workshop hosted by Jenn King, CHt and founder of HypnoMammas is to provide expecting couples/women with information about healthy pregnancy, informed decision making and preparing for baby.

    This workshop is a comprehensive 2.5 hour class covering many of the questions newly pregnant women/couples have early on (please see the content overview below). It is also a great opportunity to feel proactive and involved earlier in pregnancy since most other workshops & classes are typically taken later in pregnancy. One of the main goals of this workshop is to connect people with the wonderful pregnancy-related resources, practitioners & classes that we have in Vancouver. Every woman/couple leaves with a full package of materials including non-biased information as well as actual promotional materials for a number of different local services and practitioners.

    Register for upcoming classes and workshops here.


    Part One –
    The Physiology of Pregnancy
    Your Developing Baby
    Body Changes
    Comfort in Pregnancy & Alternative Therapies
    Nutrition & Exercise
    Avoiding Harmful/Toxic Substances in Pregnancy

    Part Two –
    Choices in Pregnancy
    Care Providers
    Prenatal Classes
    Place of Birth
    Understanding your EDD
    Travel Tips in Pregnancy

    Part Three –
    Preparing to Co-Parent & Postpartum Planning
    Relationship Changes & Preparation for Parenting
    Creating a Parenting Philosophy
    Baby Rearing Options
    Finding Breastfeeding Support


  • Congratulations Catalina

    Everyone at Soma would like to congratulate Catalina Ip on the birth of her son Ryan who was born January 9th at St. Paul’s Hospital at 8:26pm weighing a healthy 7lb 1oz. Big brother Patrick, husband Chris and Catalina are all very excited and blessed to have Ryan in their lives.

    Catalina would like to send her thanks to all her clients for their thoughtful and warm wishes and messages.


  • Soma Studio Welcomes Susan Macrae, RMT

    Sue Macrae has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1994 and during this time she has worked in various clinical settings as both a registered massage therapist and clinic owner. For the past 11 years, Sue has worked at Port Moody Integrated Health as one of the founding practitioners. A long-time East Vancouver resident, Sue is extremely excited to bring her practice and patients to the neighbourhood she loves to call home.

    Sue earned her degree in physical education from the University of British Columbia, and graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy.

    Her post-graduate courses and studies have focused on myofascial release, a specialized technique that focuses on the fascia of the body. By treating
    individual or groups of muscles and fascia concurrently, Sue can effectively release muscle tissue and improve stability, coordination and compensations in posture or movement. Other courses she has taken include core strengthening and stretching, and physioball exercises.

    Sue and her family (husband, two daughters, one fuzzy dog) lead an active west coast life. She’s an avid trail runner, cyclist, hiker, skier and camper. She also has an extensive background in aquatics. Sue also is an active volunteer in her daughters’ school, and also serves on the board of the Exceleration Triathlon
    Club operating at Templeton Pool.

  • Soma Studio Welcomes Michealla Redeker, RMT

    Soma Studio would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest RMT, Michealla Redeker.

    Michealla is a skilled, resourceful, intuitive, and approachable Registered Massage Therapist with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. A graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Michealla obtained her registered status in the fall of 2001 after completing 3000 hours of training.

    Michealla has been a dedicated practitioner of Massage Therapy for the past 11 years and has continually upgraded her skills over this period of time.  She has advanced study in therapeutic deep tissue massage, Myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, Thai massage, and perinatal. She also is a dedicated yoga practioner.

    Michealla has travelled to various parts of Asia including, Thailand and India, to learn and experience different holistic healing practices.  In her practice, Michealla treats a wide spectrum of patients with issues stemming from chronic illness, athletics, pregnancy, work, stress and accident related injuries.

    Michealla has recently returned to work after taking some time off to spend with her first child and love of her life. A grounded down to earth mom and professional, Michealla is passionate about travel, foreign culture, music the outdoors and activities including, Yoga, running and hiking.

  • Pregnancy Massage: Stomach or Side?

    We’ve heard from many of our pregnant clients that they initially didn’t consider prenatal massage therapy to be safe or all that comfortable. It wasn’t until during their pregnancy massage at Soma Studio that they became more informed about how we approach this special type of massage.

    Safety, comfort and therapeutic effectiveness are foremost in any certified prenatal massage therapist’s mind. Positioning of your body is critical to all of these. While many therapists feel it’s better to position a pregnant body on its side, our Vancouver massage therapists feel it’s more beneficial to lie on the stomach (or ‘prone’). Here’s why.

    Massage in the Stomach Position

    Lying on the stomach in pregnancy massage is more restful and allows the therapist to better access your back and hips for a more therapeutic full body massage. When a pregnant body is pillowed properly and consciously, the spine is in neutral position and the back is longer. Similar to swimming, this position takes the weight off and makes you feel like you’re floating. After over 20 years of relying on this position and hearing consistently positive feedback from repeat clients, we know that it works.

    Massage with a Pregnancy Pillow

    A good pregnancy massage pillow support system can accommodate a growing belly as well as enlarged breasts. Soma Studio’s pregnancy pillows consist of several pieces: two large pieces with a half-moon ‘dip’ to support the belly as well as smaller rectangular pieces to support the shoulders—watch our pregnancy pillow video to see how these work. Our prenatal massage therapists work with each client to carefully adjust each pillow, ensuring the back isn’t in extension and for maximum comfort before starting the massage.

    Massage in the Side-Lying Position

    Many prenatal massage therapists choose this position because they don’t have access to a good pregnancy pillow system. In the past, some therapists have used tables with a hole for the belly, but the hole wasn’t padded or adjustable, causing the abdomen to dangle, stressing the lower back and creating discomfort with the stretching of uterine ligaments.

    While Soma Studio’s massage therapists prefer to use the pregnancy pillows, you still have the option of lying on your side—especially if your breasts are too tender or you’re suffering from nausea or congestion.

    No matter what position you’re lying in, your body will always let you know if it’s uncomfortable, with symptoms like nausea, overheating or pins & needles. Trust and listen to your body, and do what you feel is right for you.

    Learn more about prenatal massage therapy on our Pregnancy Massage page or please contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • Movember: Changing the Face of Men's Health

    November is now known by many as “Movember”, an annual official event in over 14 countries to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male health issues. Movember encourages the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces to literally “change the face of men’s health”—in a fun way.

    Support Movember with our mug
    The Mo Mug, as modelled by Russ

    Soma Studio is involved in supporting Movember because we have more men in the clinic than ever before, both as clients and massage therapists (we now have three male RMTs: Denis, Jean-Luc and Cheyne). Pregnancy and babies have been a big part of Soma since our beginning, so it’s due time that we support the other half of the fertility equation!

    The Movember Effect

    Movember encourages both men (Mo Bros) and women (Mo Sistas) to get involved and change established attitudes about men’s health in order to increase the chances of early cancer detection, diagnosis and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths.

    The Movember movement incites men to be aware of any family history of cancer and to adopt healthier lifestyles….taking better care of our bodies through exercise, improved eating habits, stress reduction and, of course, massage therapy.

    How to Support Movember

    Movember in Canada is a big deal. In 2011, Movember Canada was the largest contributor to the effort in the world. So let’s do it again! There are three ways you can help out:
    1. Buy a $5 Mo mug the next time you’re at Soma Studio
    2. Donate on our Soma Studio team page
    3. Grow your own Mo and register as a Mo Bro

    The Mo mug is perfect for those who can’t grow a decent Mo but want to visually support the cause. And you can never get started too early on your Christmas shopping.  We’ll keep you updated on our Movember fundraising progress on our Facebook and Twitter pages.