• My Massage With Kaely.

    One incredible perk about working with a fabulous group of RMTs is an occasional complimentary massage. You can imagine my delight a few weeks ago when, during a lull in the action at Soma, Kaely  leaned over my stooped shoulders and asked:

    “You busy right now?”

    Never too busy for some professional TLC. As a writer, I spend an inordinate amount of time hunched over my computer—not to mention the nights spent slouching oh-so-nonchalantly at coffee shops, and  poetry readings on The Drive.

    Kaely asked me where I’d like to focus on. I mentioned the pain in between my shoulder blades and some trouble I had breathing deeply. My chest felt a little concave.

    “No problem.”

    On the table in Soma’s bright, airy treatment room, I already felt more relaxed. I caught a glimpse of Japanese maples and a small stone Buddha statue out the window before laying my head down. Kaely breezed into the room, with an air of kindness and professionalism that really is Soma’s trademark. She asked me a few questions, and seemed to spend some time getting a feel for my body before she launched in. I really appreciated this. It’s always a bit strange letting someone take care of you isn’t it?

    That strangeness didn’t last long. After about 40 minutes of deep massage, with an emphasis on re-aligning my bent posture, I felt incredible. I was breathing deeply, and my voice had dropped an octave. Kaely gave me a few tips on correcting my posture at work, and then we were done. Though relaxed, I had no trouble going back to work for the rest of the afternoon. If anything, I was probably more productive. Thanks Kaely!

    Be happy,