Should I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.13.42 AMPregnancy is a huge landmark in one’s life.  It is an experience that changes not only your life but your body and soul.  The wonderful women that I have the opportunity to work with at Premier Personal Training have chosen to make the most of the experience and use it to improve their fitness and health.  Being fit enough to enjoy the bundle of joy who will soon be a huge part of your life is a very powerful motivator to make changes or step up your fitness program.

When women come in to see me, they often wonder if they should exercise during their
pregnancy and the answer is absolutely!  Research has shown that women who actively engage in exercise have a more comfortable pregnancy and may have a shorter labor and less need for medical interventions.  Other studies have shown that women who exercise regularly, prior to and during the first and second trimesters, feel better in the third trimester and perceive less exertion during labor.  Furthermore, regular exercise during pregnancy will help to prevent lower back pain, keep your weight at a safe level and speed up your weight loss after the pregnancy.

I encourage my clients to look at pregnancy and giving birth as a physical event that they are preparing their bodies for.  Just like any activity, having a strong and balanced body will allow you to perform better, feel more confident and enjoy a more positive experience.
My Pre-Natal training systems begin with a Functional Movement Screen to identify left-right side imbalances and mobility-stability issues.  This allows me to create a program that is 100% specific to the beautiful woman who has come to see me. I then apply scientifically proven prenatal exercise principals developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, one of the leading athletic educational bodies in North America, to ensure safety and optimize results.

Investing the time during your pregnancy to stay fit also pays off in the post-natal recovery
period.  It ensures fewer complications and makes it easier to shed baby weight. No matter what stage of their pregnancy, my clients exceed their fitness goals and turn their pregnancy into a wonderful opportunity to reveal their potential.

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