RMT Fast 5 Spotlight: Get to know the Soma team!

Next up in our RMT ‘Get to Know’ series we have Carla Van Elslande.


As a musician with an intuitive passion for helping others through music and teaching, Carla found that massage therapy provided an equally powerful outlet for her to connect and support healing and growth. Here are her answers to our fast 5!

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind?

I enjoy spending time with family & friends, going for bike rides and walks along the seawall, chatting over a glass of wine, watching movies with my partner and reading.

Things that you must always have on hand in your kitchen?

Extra virgin olive oil, wine, olives, fresh herbs.

Preferred exercise style and why? 

I love hot yoga because it provides me with a good workout, and helps with strength, flexibility and balance all at once. It gives me a sense of community in a non-competitive environment, and allows me to engage in active meditation.

3 words that come to mind when you think of massage therapy?

Intuition, effectiveness, healing

A favourite quote?

‘Forever is composed of nows’
-Emily Dickinson.

Read more about Carla’s massage story and philosophy here: http://www.somastudio.net/about/our-registered-massage-therapists/carla-van-elslande-rmt/