How to Use Massage Therapy by Lori Johnson, RMT

_MG_9318The holidays are over, fun was had by all; we all eat too much, drank to much and fattened up so we can handle the cold weather we will inevitably be getting..or that is the excuse anyway….thus marks the end of the year.   Here at Soma, we have another marker of the year’s end: all those clients who haven’t used their extended care allotment are scrabbling to get appointments in the last month of the year.  We had to turn away many disappointed clients who were disgruntled because they didn’t use their massage therapy allowance.  I have a few suggestions so this does not happen to you.

How to use Massage Therapy:

1. Once a Month: Many clients find it helpful to have a set time once a month to come in for massage.  This is called Maintenance Massage.  We can work out any aches and pains before they manifest into bigger, more uncomfortable problems.  This approach is perfect active clients who have other ways to reduce stress through exercise and fitness.  The monthly massage becomes part of your health regime along with other modalities like chiropractic or acupuncture.

2. When you have an acute injury: Some clients like to only use their massage coverage when they are injured or have an issue in their body.  Usually they will need to come at least 3 to 5 times before the issue is resolved or on its way to being resolved.  Headaches are a good example of this usage of massage. In order to end the pain cycle, more frequent massage is necessary.  I would suggest setting up the 3 to 5 massage sessions at one time so you are sure to have a weekly appointment.

3. Once a Week:  Many clients benefit greatly from a weekly treatment as each session builds on the last.  This is ideal for more chronic issues in the body like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, stroke victims, etc. The massage helps the client to be as functional as possible in their life.  Getting the sessions booked in advance avoids disappointment.

4. Stressful Periods:  If you have the type of job where you know certain times of the year are more stressful, then you could book a series of treatments to help support you as you go through these periods.  Accountants, bookkeepers, teachers are a few professions where this is a reality.  It is often too late if you book a massage when you are totally exhausted and highly in need of stress relief.  The studio may be book when you need us the most.  It makes good sense to plan ahead and get a few sessions booked in advance as you approach your busy time.

These are few ideas about how to use massage therapy.  By booking in advance, you make massage part of your healthy lifestyle like eating well and exercise.  The body functions much better, less sickness and fatigue when it is relaxed and pain-free.  If you have the benefit of insurance coverage, why not use it in a way that supports you?
Wishing you all a happy, healthy, active, inspired and fun 2014!


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