Early Pregnancy Workshop

Newly pregnant? While this can be an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming. With so much information available and so many decisions to make, many people find that waiting to take a full prenatal class (later in pregnancy) is too long to wait.

The goal of the Early Pregnancy Workshop hosted by Jenn King, CHt and founder of HypnoMammas is to provide expecting couples/women with information about healthy pregnancy, informed decision making and preparing for baby.

This workshop is a comprehensive 2.5 hour class covering many of the questions newly pregnant women/couples have early on (please see the content overview below). It is also a great opportunity to feel proactive and involved earlier in pregnancy since most other workshops & classes are typically taken later in pregnancy. One of the main goals of this workshop is to connect people with the wonderful pregnancy-related resources, practitioners & classes that we have in Vancouver. Every woman/couple leaves with a full package of materials including non-biased information as well as actual promotional materials for a number of different local services and practitioners.

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Part One –
The Physiology of Pregnancy
Your Developing Baby
Body Changes
Comfort in Pregnancy & Alternative Therapies
Nutrition & Exercise
Avoiding Harmful/Toxic Substances in Pregnancy

Part Two –
Choices in Pregnancy
Care Providers
Prenatal Classes
Place of Birth
Understanding your EDD
Travel Tips in Pregnancy

Part Three –
Preparing to Co-Parent & Postpartum Planning
Relationship Changes & Preparation for Parenting
Creating a Parenting Philosophy
Baby Rearing Options
Finding Breastfeeding Support


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