Canadian Blood Services – Blood Signal

BloodSignalEvery 60 seconds someone in Canada needs blood. In fact 52% of us say we know someone who has needed blood. But, before you say, ‘That’s someone else’s problem.’ Consider this…
If you and 50 people you know were to donate… We would have more blood to save lives.

That’s enough blood to help
10 cancer patients for a week,
or 6 patients with internal bleeding,
or 1 car accident victim.

BUT if you tell 100 people you know to donate, and they tell 100 people they know to do the same and so on and so on, suddenly finding 50 units becomes a whole lot easier.

As a result of nearly 12,000 unfilled appointments so far this summer, coupled with constant hospital demand, Canadian Blood Services is forecasting a need for 51,000 appointments to be filled between now and Labour Day to replenish stocks.
For that reason, Canadian Blood Services has extended the Blood Signal until Sept. 3 and is adding special “Blood Signal” clinics during the month of August in selected locations. Hours will also be extended at existing clinics to give donors even more opportunities to donate. Visit to find a clinic.
The Blood Signal is a call to action for Canadians to rally together and book a blood donation when the need is greatest – like now.

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