A Birth Photography Experience

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
– Karl Lagerfeld 

My phone rang just before 8am.
“The baby’s just been born, I mean JUST been born. Can you come now?”
I could feel the smile begin to take over my face as I replied with an emphatic “YES!”
I pulled on my jeans and grabbed my camera bag and proceeded to run the 8 blocks to my client’s house.
I knocked quietly and was let inside, where the sun soaked apartment was buzzing with energy. I could hear the little mews from the next room and wasted no time pulling out my camera and creeped into the room. I swallowed hard and had to fight back hot tears watching the new parents embrace eachother and the knowing looks they exchanged as they fully realized “we created this little life.”
Those first moments, there are just no words to describe them. We hold them in our minds and hearts trying to memorize every detail, but they pass so quickly and are gone before we know it.
That’s why I’m there. To capture those moments.
Syx and Taryn are a husband and wife photography team based in East Vancouver.
For more of their work check them out at www.syxandtaryn.com




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