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Has your typical fitness routine has become stale and boring?
It happens to the best of us: that new healthy lifestyle that was so energizing and filled with promise a couple of months ago starts to lose its appeal and our motivation falters.

Whether you prefer to exercise at home, outdoors or in a class, our health oriented city offers something for everyone.  From yogasilks to archery-here are 5 fun fitness ideas to reignite your motivation to stay active.

Off your mat, into the air, with a hint of Cirque du Soleil! Che Baba is the first yoga studio to offer this experience in Vancouver.  Yogasilks enable you to work with gravity – less pressure on the joints allows you to create more space within and release more tension. Securely fastened above, zero compression inversions come with ease. Build your core by using the little muscles that you don’t use while being restricted by gravity while standing.

They offer a Foundation Series where you flow through a series including standing poses, hip openers and inversions. They also offer a Restorative Series where the silks are dropped lower to the ground in order to support the body in restorative yoga poses. In this series, poses are held for up to 5 minutes with the intention of releasing, unwinding and deep relaxation. Open to all levels. Please contact Che Baba to reserve your spot. Ten silks available.

The sport is easy to learn, virtually inexpensive (compared to other winter sports), poses little risk of injury and is a great way to exert energy during the cold winter months. Snowshoeing can be a lot of fun and great exercise if done with proper technique and in a safe area.
A number of ski areas near Vancouver offer trails and guided tours for snowshoers. Trek on pristine trails at   Cypress Mountain or explore the developed snowshoe parks at Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour. For a special treat, book a guided evening snowshoe fondue tour. Trails weave through alpine forests, past frozen lakes, and to high points where snowshoers can enjoy a view of the city and the water. Snowshoe equipment rentals are available at many of the larger snowshoe areas; many outdoor stores also have rentals.

Ugi Fit
Looking for a workout you can do right in the comfort of your living room? UgI is a local fitness company start up that has appeared on the CBC’s Dragon’s Den and has been named one of the Globe and Mail’s “…favourite small businesses of 2011”.
The Ugi ball works as a functional fitness training tool because it challenges the exerciser to use entire muscle groups at one time. A lifetime of professional training experience went into creating the Ugi 5 day a week, 30-minute, total functional fitness program. The series of one-minute exercises are efficient enough to change your body completely – from warm up, cardio, strength conditioning, balance to cool down, and flexible enough to be done anywhere – from home, gym, beach to office.

Body Rolling
Body rolling is a workout, a massage and a chiropractic adjustment rolled into one! As you roll through your body on a 6″ to 10″ inflated rubber ball, you essentially tone and lengthen muscles, stimulate bones, and release energy blockages. You let go of unproductive patterns in your body. Body rolling allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and optimize range of motion.  For classes and workshops being offered in Vancouver check out Vancouver Body Rolling by Micheline.

Archery is ideal for giving your upper body a workout. It improves upper body strength as well as coordination and balance, which is important. If your balance and coordination are good you are less likely to trip over your own feet, colliding with the floor and breaking a bone in the process.
The physical benefits of archery include increasing flexibility in your hands and fingers and developing your arm strength. In addition, hand-eye coordination improves, as does mental concentration and mental strength. A successful archer must know how to free his mind from distractions and focus on his target, which makes archery both a beneficial mind exercise as well as a great form of physical exercise.  To find archery classes in Vancouver check out Academie Duello  or North Shore Archers

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